Another Book Review :)

I just finished reading Driftwood by Cathy Cassidy. It is about two girls, two boys and a friendship at risk





Hannah and Joey¬† have been best friends forever, Just the two of them.¬† But when Joey’s new foster brother, Paul, turns up everything changes. First Joey falls for Hannah’s brother Kit. Then Paul complicates things with some kittens, a chocolate bar and a stripy pink bicycle

Hannah’s world is turning upside down! Can you rescue a friendship when its drowning? Can you rescue a friend in trouble, if they dont want to be saved?

Rating 10/10
Recommended for ages 10-13

Book Review

I just finished reading a book called Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy

It is about a girl called Scarlett who lives with her mum in England, she¬†has been expelled by 5 schools in 2 years! Her mum has had enough and she sends Scarlett off to live with her dad in Ireland. Her dad has been re-married to a lady called Clare. Clare has a girl called Holly from a previous relationship. Scarlett is not happy that they have been ‘replaced’¬† by Clare and Holly. Scarlett arrives to find t

My Blog Avatar and How to Make One!

I made a blog avatar today! This is what it looks like:

How I made my avatar:
1. I went on

2.I clicked¬†“Gaia Dream Avatar’¬†

3.I Clicked ‘Dream Avatar Start’

4. It will say ‘Checking browser features’ (this means its loading, so dont worry just wait!)

5.I Selected which body I wanted

6.I Chose my hair and hair colour

7.I Chose my eyes and eye colour

8. I Chose my mouth

9.I chose which clothes I want (in the corner there is a search bar to search different types of clothes) (clothes include tops, bottoms, hats, shoes etc.)

10. I clicked save avatar (this is under your avatar)

11. I copied the code

12. I pasted the code as a Text widget

13. I saved it and then it was on my blog!

Thankyou for reading how to make a blog avatar!

My New Puppy

I got a new puppy on Saturday! Her name is Tennille. When we took her home she got scared of her own shadow. She sleeps with me everynight on my bed. I really like having my very own puppy. My blog avatar is the same type of dog as Tennille!

My Weekend

My weekend is going to be AWESOME!

I am Going to my friend Amber’s house tonight.

Tomorrow I have to be back at home by 9:30 so I can go to Molesworth to get my puppy!!


I think it is going to be the best weekend ever!